Array > Object

Represents a native JavaScript Array.


[] Creates a new Array (note: leave out the new keyword)
Array() Creates a new Array.
Array(Number size) Creates a new Array if the given predetermined size.


Type Type Returns Type.Array  


Add(Object object)   Adds the object to the end of the array.  
AddRange(Array objects)   Adds each element in the objects array to this array.  
Clear()   Removes all elements from the array.  
Contains(Object object) Boolean Returns whether the object is found in the array.  
Find(Function function) Object Returns the first object that function returns true for, otherwise null. In depth
FindAll(Function function) Array Returns all objects that the function returns true for. In depth
ForEach(Function function)   Calls the function for each element in the array. In depth
ForEachReversed(Function function)   Calls the function for each element in the array in reversed order. In depth
IndexOf(Object object) Number Returns the index of the element in the array if it exists, otherwise –1.  
Insert(Number index, Object object)   Inserts the element into the array at the given index.  
Move(Object object, Number index)   Moves the object to the given index.  
Remove(Object object)   Removes the object from the array.  
RemoveAt(Number index)   Removes the element of the array at the given index.  
RemoveRange(Array objects)   Removes each element  in the array from this array, if it exists.  
Swap(Number index1, Number index2)   Swaps the position of the elements found at index1 and index1.  
ToString(String delimiter) String Returns a string representation of every object in the array separated by the delimiter.  

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