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Represents several utility functions available in the AwesomeScript core.


DeobfuscateIds Boolean When true, ASP.NET ids are deobfuscated when referencing them with reference functions
Event EventArgs Represents the currently handled EventArgs.
IsBuilt Boolean Determines if the initialization of Awesome has occurred.
Mapper Dictionary A collection of HTML tags that Awesome supports and the functions that wrap them.
ObfuscationCharacter String The character that’s used to obfuscate ids in ASP.NET (“_”)
Version Number The version of the script being ran.


OnExceptionThrown EventArgs Fired when an unhandled exception has been thrown.
OnInitialization EventArgs Fired when Initialized() is called.


EvalBind(String property, Object object) Object Evaluates a binding given the string and object.  
Extend(Object object, Function type)   Causes the object to take on all functions of the provided type.  
ForEach(Object object, Function func)   Calls the function for each item in the object. Object must have an indexer and length property. The item in the current iteration is passed to the function as the first parameter.  

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