AwesomeControls are any control that’s based around the AwesomeScript framework. All user controls will follow this similar format.


Released Controls

AwesomeAccordion – Control for displaying one item in an accordion style interface.

AwesomeCalendar – Control for selecting a date visually.

AwesomeDialog – Control for displaying a dialog-style element.

AwesomeFormTable – Control for applying column specific styles and provide dynamic styling on form focusing.

AwesomeGrid – Control for creating liquid or relative layouts that can easily be laid out and resized without depending on CSS.


Declarative Creation

All controls will be able to be created declaratively using existing HTML tags. Most times all that is required is setting a class to a specific name. For example, to get a calendar, setting the class of a textbox to “calendar”, if AwesomeCalendar is included in your page, that textbox will become a calendar control.


Declarative Attributes

Most controls will make use of enumerated attributes. These attributes will invalidate the HTML document if ran through a strict validator, but are perfectly valid for all modern browsers. An example would be the “effect” attribute added to an AwesomeCalendar. Setting this to “fade” will tell the calendar control to fade in and out as the calendar is displayed.


Dynamic Creation

Along with declarative creation, AwesomeControls will allow an easy way to create controls dynamically. The appropriate tags will be created and all defaults will be assumed. Below is an example using AwesomeCalendar:

Page.AddElement(new Calendar());

This will create a new calendar control and add it to the page. All controls will be assigned the class required to be picked up. So the code above essentially generates a <input type="text" class="calendar" />


Dynamic Attribute Modification

Most, if not all, declarative attributes will be modifiable programmatically using property functions.


Base Control Inheritance

All controls will retain their basic Element fields, functions and properties. Such as the AwesomeCalendar. It is derived from a textbox so you can set it’s text using $TextBox("<calendar id>").Text("text") or $Calendar("<calendar id>").Text("text").


CSS Styling

AwesomeControls will rely on css styling as much as possible, forcing only the styles necessary for control functionality.

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