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FormTable allows the application of column specific styles and row specific classes when form elements have focus. This allows for short styling and easy changing without specifically setting a style on each individual column per row. These styles are only applied to columns that have a colspan of 1. Below is a setup example.

<table class="form" highlight="current">
        <col align="right" valign="top" style="font-weight: bold" class="field" />
        <col align="left" />




highlight Default: "" Any form input that has focus will cause the row it belongs to to have the class provided applied to it. Once focus is removed, the row has the class removed.

Use of AwesomeForm

AwesomeForm makes use of the <colgroup> and <col> tags inside of a <table> tag. Any styling that’s applied to a <col> tag will be applied to the column in sequential order. Below are the attributes you can use to set for specific columns of a table.

align Default: "" The horizontal alignment of the column.
valign Default: "" The vertical alignment of the column.
style Default: "" The style to apply to the column.
class Default: "" The class to apply to the column.

Providing a highlight value will cause the row to have a specific class applied to it only when an input in that row has focus. Once an input in the row loses focus, the row returns to the normal styling.

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