The Number has been extended with many functions.

Static Functions

Compare(Number a, Number b) Number Returns 1 if a > b, 0 if a == b, or –1 if a < b


Type Type Returns Type.Number



Between(Number a, Number b) Boolean Returns whether the number is between  the two values or equal.
Between(Number a, Number b, Boolean inclusive) Boolean Returns whether the number is between the two values but not equal if inclusive is set to true.
Compare(Number a) Number Returns 1 if the number > a, 0 if number == a, or –1 if number < a
IsFlagged(Number value) Boolean If the value testing is a number based enumeration flag, tests to see if the flag is set.
Round(Number signifance) Number Rounds the number to specified significance where significance is 10 to the provided value. Below are some examples:
429.24.Round(0) = 429
429.24.Round(2) = 400 (10 ^ 2 = 100, round to 100s place)
429.24.Round(-1) = 429.2 (10 ^ –1 = .1)

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