AwesomeScript Core

AwesomeScript includes several new objects that wrap around existing JavaScript objects and extends them. Below is a list of new objects. Objects with "extended" beside it are native JavaScript objects with an extended prototype. Some objects are not listed as they are usually not intended to be created by most developers.

Array (extended) Extended prototype of the Array with added functionality.
Boolean (extended) Extended prototype of a Boolean with added functionality.
Color Represents a color with hex, rgb and name representations.
Cookie Normal cookie with functions for creating, renaming and removing.
DateTime Extended representation of the date object.
Delegate Encapsulated function call with the ability to store parameters, control execution and ability to disable.
Dictionary A collection of key value pairs that can be referenced with the [string] indexing syntax.
Event Represents a function that is called when something happens to an object.
Number (extended) Extended prototype of a Number with added functionality.
ObservableArray An array that provides events to subscribe to when something is added, removed or the array is cleared.
String (extended) Extended prototype of a String with added functionality.
Timer An object that asynchronously calls a Trigger event for code that needs to execute over time.
TimeSpan An object representing a period of time in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.
Window An object representing a new window created as a popup window.


These objects can be created and used at any time, even before Awesome.Build() is ever called. Many more objects are provided in other extension scripts.

Global Objects

AwesomeScript also has three global objects.

Page Refers to the body tag of the page. Client Refers to the browser and main window.
Awesome Refers to the core script with extra functionality.    

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